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Timber Heading Design

Seen as a throwback to a bygone age and more familiar as escape tunnels in POW films, timber headings still have a crucial role to play in many modern construction projects, typically covering short distances where restrictions or the presence of other services prevent trenching.

Designing solutions for traditional timber heading ensures a cost-effective solution for the installation of drainage connections and offers a safe way to access services under an existing structure or highway, where trenchless construction or micro-tunnelling are not viable.

Timber headings, which can be designed to use steel supports, is also a suitable method for driving through a relatively small conventional excavated shaft or manhole and for existing basement retaining walls, to get connections where they need to go.

The design engineers here at PDMA have vast experience of delivering practical solutions to what may seem insurmountable problems on difficult sites, with poor access, variable ground conditions or specific project constraints.

Whether you have resolved an access problem before with timber headings or not, the design team here at PDMA are ready to discuss your project and ensure you achieve your own ‘great escape’ from stress.