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Temporary Works Forum – sharing insights improves us all

15th April 2019

For specialist consulting engineers like PDMA, it’s important we keep up to date with all the latest developments in our industry, to understand different approaches to the challenges we face on a daily basis and also learn from the mistakes others have made.

Despite all the online communities, there is nothing quite like getting together regularly to discuss matters face to face, in a supportive and collegial atmosphere.

One such opportunity is available through the Temporary Works Forum (TWf), which aims to encourage discussion of any matters related to our specialism, temporary works.

Who does TWf attract?

Open to any industry-related organisation, the subscription-based forum invites businesses of all sizes to attend quarterly networking events, whether they’re a principal contractor, temporary works designer or an associated industry body.

From small beginnings, as a group of only 10-12 members, the TWf has grown to around 150 active participants, boasting a comprehensive range of experienced professionals from across the sector and some of the UK’s largest construction firms.

The forum’s networking events also attracts representatives of the Health and Safety Executive, who share important information with those in attendance, always seeking opportunities to explain their role in encouraging, regulating and enforcing workplace health, safety and welfare.

The forum’s objectives

The objectives of the forum are to give authoritative guidance, and when required, professional leadership to the industry.

This typically involves the consideration of different aspects of our work, interfacing between permanent works and temporary works, while highlighting current practices and future developments.

Drawing on the collective experience of the group, it is the forum’s responsibility to raise awareness of trends and innovations in design and construction, giving warning to the relevant bodies if future risks are expected.

With a close eye on international issues, the TWf considers whether further research or developments are required, guiding and advising members on relevant matters.

Training benefits

Whilst we are a member to gain valuable insight into the work of our professional colleagues, the forum not only gives us the chance to collaborate and share information, but understand the training and personal development opportunities available.

Like most professionals, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plays an important part in our ongoing careers, with the learning available through the forum critical in keeping our skills honed, relevant and current.

Given our decades of experience designing temporary works for large civil engineering projects above and below ground, at sea, across railways, over roadways and delivering access, we have a lot to share with fellow members.

Looking to the future

As members of the Temporary Works Forum, we have committed ourselves to the group’s activities and will always attend networking events when work commitments allow, as the events usually require us to travel into London.

There are organised seminars to cover the topics of interest, but as with any of these professional gatherings, it is often in the networking session, when you share a few words with colleagues over a sandwich when the real value of collective discussion is realised.

With another TWf event coming up later this month, we’re very much looking forward to attending the event and meeting with new and existing members. See you there?

We’ll be sure to share our experiences from the event via our blog and social media, so watch this space!