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New Pumping Station – Claverdon

Severn Trent Water Limited required a large new inlet pumping station 6.0 metre diameter with an internal (finished) depth of 6.7m.

We were commissioned by Delta Civil Engineering Ltd to undertake the geotechnical design including the floatation calculations for the shaft during installation and for the permanent condition once installed.

The project design constraints include a high ground water table and a layer of saturated sands overlying stiff clay. There was also the potential of a 1 in 100 year storm event occurring with an even higher predicted peak water level.

The design included the sizing of the jacking collar to resist jacking uplift forces during construction, providing shear dowels at the jacking points. Also provided was the reinforced concrete base slab designed to work in conjunction with the collar to resist floatation uplift in the permanent condition.

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