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Malvern Sub Station

Malvern substation is an 11kVa transformer and switch gear arrangement housed in a below ground concrete enclosure behind an existing retaining wall.

We were commissioned by Western Power Distribution to undertake the design of an enlarged below ground reinforced concrete structure in order to house a new 11kVa transformer and switchgear. A key requirement was improving the doorway and headroom to provide improved / safer access for maintenance.

We undertook a structural survey of the existing structure, including scanning of existing RC elements, followed by detailed design for the demolition and reconstruction works. This included providing drawing for planning submission.

The scheme was a reactive fast track project and involved collaborative working with the client and their contractor.

The key challenges on this project included the very tight timescales (design, construction & commissioning in less than 4 months) and the very limited working space as the site was located in the heart of Malvern town centre.

Consideration was given to reusing the existing RC elements but in practice these were found to be inadequate. Nonetheless existing structure was partially retained to be utilised as temporary ground support and incorporated as part of the permanent works, thus speeding up the delivery of the project, minimising the working room needed and minimising costs.

This solution proved essential to allowing the client (and their contractor) to deliver the project within their required timescales and budget.

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