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Birmingham New Street Redevelopment

Design and Development of various complex temporary works schemes throughout the construction period. An early scheme was for the demolition sub-contractor and required openings to be cut into the RC slab above the existing platforms for new escalators and lifts to platform level. A protection deck was required over the platform which had to remain open during the work so propping from the platform was not an acceptable solution.

Our staff designed a protection deck that could be assembled from man-handleable components during night-time possessions. Brackets were designed that were bolted to the existing columns and hoists were suspended from the brackets. The hoists were used to lift the partially assembled protection deck 3m above the platform so that the platform could be re-opened to passengers at the end of each possession.

During the next possession the assembly of the protection deck could be progressed further then the partially assembled platform again lifted above the platform. Our schemes caught the eye of the main contractor and we have subsequently worked directly for them and for several other sub-contractors on site.

Much of our work has required the assessment of existing and new above ground structures for temporary plant loading during construction, using both routine hand methods of analysis and complex Finite Element Analysis. We have designed several access and working platforms including a working platform suspended from the proposed atrium roof structure to facilitate cladding installation whilst freeing up space beneath for follow on trades.

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