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Making more of Wind Load analyses

PDMA Consulting Engineers provides comprehensive wind load analysis for all types of structures, working to both the British Standard BS 6399 part 2 and European standard BS EN 1994-1-4.

Combining our experience and deep understanding of wind load analysis, with the latest specialist software, ensures every clients receives a unique comprehensive, yet contractor friendly report.

The reports we provide detail loads as an augmented view across the elevations of a structure, with a summary of easily identifiable areas of differing wind loads and the extent of each zone.

We calculate wind loads for any number of assessments, from impact on structural stability to those specific to particular structural members, or applicable to external facades however they are fixed.

Structural Steelwork
Structural Steelwork

The leading façade specialists rely on our expertise and return time after time for reports that not only offer safe construction solutions, but consider efficiency to reduce time and cost of installation.

Thanks to our wind load analyses highlighting differing intensities and their extents, contractors can utilise section specific fixings to rationalise their use and safely deliver significant savings.

This outcome improves the sustainability of façade solutions by ensuring installation is safely achieved with the least possible amount of fixings which minimises use of resources. A win-win.

To understand the difference between a typical wind load analysis and a PDMA wind load analysis report, please get in touch today and we’ll show you how to cut costs with better results.