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Inspection of Temporary Works Installations

Following the design and checking of the design, the temporary works equipment is installed on site. It is then checked by a competent person prior to issue of the Permit to Load by the TWC. Often the TWC will do this check but there will always be times when it is outside his area of expertise.

Part of the training of the TWC is to recognise when this is the case and to find a competent person to do the check. Many times there will be someone on site who has the necessary training and experience to do the check but on occasions, there won’t be. This is where PDMA can help. Our engineers have both site and design experience and can attend site to check the installation of the temporary works.

Where minor deficiencies are noted, our engineer will wait on site until these are corrected and then complete an Installation Check Certificate. Where more extensive corrections are required, our engineer will leave a written report for the TWC. The TWC can either check against the report or sometimes it is possible to email photographs to show that the corrections have been made.

Temporary Works Installations